The Acknowledgement Page of My PhD. Thesis

Here is my acknowledgement page of my PhD thesis. Well, the list of the people I need to thank will not fit to a single Acknowledgement section. I just mention some people whose contribution is obvious.

Completing my PhD degree is probably the most challenging activity of my first 32 years of my life. The best and worst moments of my doctoral journey have been shared with many people. It has been a great privilege to spend several years in the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering at University of Wisconsin-Madison, and its members will always remain dear to me.

My first debt of gratitude must go to my advisor, Dr. Patricia Flatley Brennan. She patiently provided the vision, encouragement and advise necessary for me to proceed through the doctorial program and complete my dissertation. I want to thank Patti for her unflagging encouragement and serving as a role model to me as a junior member of academia. She has been a strong and supportive adviser to me throughout my graduate school career, but she has always given me great freedom to pursue independent work.

Special thanks to my committee, Dr. David Zimmerman, Dr. Mary Murray, Dr. Dan Bolt, and Dr. Doug Wiegmann, and Dr. Ben-Tzion Karsh for their support, guidance and helpful suggestions. Their guidance has served me well and I owe them my heartfelt appreciation.

Members of Health Systems Engineering Lab. also deserve my sincerest thanks, their friendship and assistance has meant more to me than I could ever express. I could not complete my work without invaluable friendly assistance of the participants of the EDLinking project. I should also mention Wisconsin Dairyland Chapter of Health Information Management Systems Society for allowing me to be part of a great professional community.

My friends in US, Turkey and other parts of the World were sources of laughter, joy, and support. Special thanks go toRupa Valdez, Kerem Akartunali, Yichuan Grace Hsieh, Can Bora, Hikmet Tuncsoy, Gungor Family, Loose Family, Haluk Sengun, Joel Walker, Patricia Sanhueza, James Switzer, Kaan Durukan, Ayse Pinar Gurses, members of hoofers outing club. I am very happy that, in many cases, my friendships with you have extended well beyond our shared time in Madison.

I wish to thank my parents, Hatice Ozkaynak and Sait Ozkaynak and my grandpa Arif Gur. Their love provided my inspiration and was my driving force. I owe them everything and wish I could show them just how much I love and appreciate them. My wife, Asli Alkan Ozkaynak , whose love and encouragement allowed me to finish this journey. She already has my heart so I will just give her a heartfelt “thanks.” I also want to thank to my in-laws for their unconditional support. Finally, I would like to dedicate this work to my lost relatives including Grandma Serife Gur and grandaunt Fadime Altinteril, who left us too soon. I hope that this work makes you proud.


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  1. Holly Says:

    Aferin mustafa! Tebrikler

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